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10 year old born without hands wins handwriting competition

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Sara Hinesley, the 10-year-old who was born without hands, has won a national handwriting competition. She has been living in U.S. for about four years. She came from China in July 2015 live with her new family. Sara will receive the national award trophy at an award ceremony on June 13, along with a cash prize of $500.

Sara holds a pencil between her arms and skillfully writes an alphabet, keeping every curve and shape in proportion. She has learned cursive this year and says that she found it easy, along with cursive, she knows Mandarin also. Sara has never used prosthetic and her teachers tell that she never thinks of herself being incapable of doing anything, and also she was quick to pick up English. And her family too trusts her capacity to make judgments and lets her decide and do things her way as she never backs down on anything.

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