Crime On Women

22-year-old accuses BJP MLA Kushagra Sagar of rape

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A 22-year-old woman has filed a complaint in Bareilly accusing ruling BJP MLA Kushagra Sagar, 26, of raping her. She has alleged Sagar sexually abused her from 2012 — when she was a minor — and 2014. Sagar, who is due to get married next month, had allegedly promised to marry her when she had lodged a complaint in 2014. He did not keep the promise and allegedly kept exploiting her sexually. Sagar denied the allegations calling them “a political conspiracy to end my budding political career”.

She alleged the MLA threatened her he would kill her family if she lodged a complaint. “…this is our government and you cannot do anything… I was scared till now and after gathering courage I am here to register the complaint. My dignity has been tarnished and no one is ready to marry me,” she said in her complaint.

Sagar’s father, Yogendra, who was then BSP MLA from Badaun’s Bilsi, was accused of raping a 24-year-woman in 2008. He was accused of framing the alleged rape victim’s family in a false case to force them withdraw the case. The case is pending before a Badaun court. Yogendra, now 55, is out on bail.


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