Crime On Women

5 NGO Activists Abducted, Gang-raped In Jharkhand

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Five women working with an NGO were abducted and gangraped by armed men when they were performing a street play in Jharkhand earlier this week, police said on Thursday. The accused reportedly recorded the incident on camera to threaten the victims. Their male companions were thrashed, forced to drink their own urine and were locked up in their own car.


Police officers said the NGO had taken a team of more than half-a-dozen to Kochang under the Arki police station, nearly 45 km from the district headquarters, to carry out an awareness campaign at the school. While, the team was conducting a street play, the armed men reached the venue at around 1 pm. Two nuns associated with the Christian missionary also accompanied them.

The abductors reportedly made videos of the incident and threatened the girls that the videos would be made viral if they disclose the incident.

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