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5-year-old Girl Raped, Killed and Dumped Inside Drum in Faridabad

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A five-year-old girl was kidnapped, brutally raped and stabbed to death allegedly by a man who used to work at her father’s tent house in Asaoti village in Haryana’s Palwal district.

Virender used to work at the tent house owned by the girl’s father. They had a heated argument over some issue earlier.

In order to vent his anger, the accused abducted the girl and took her to his house. He then stabbed the girl in the stomach and stuffed her body inside a container to conceal the act.

When the girl did not return to her house late in the night, the family members and villagers launched a search. It was only with the help of CCTV footages of the area that they could trace the girl’s body.


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