Crime On Women

A premature baby girl dumped in the drain, saved by stray dogs

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We as Indians are often found gloating about the immense progress that India has made as a country but on the other hand incidents like these cease to end and makes us rethink everything. A newborn girl was dumped in a sewage drain a few hours after her birth in Kaithal, Haryana on Thursday morning. 

According to sources, The girl was wrapped in polythene. Her painful cries caught the attention of the dogs who pulled her out and starting barking to grab attention. The passersby took notice and informed the police.

The baby is a premature one and already needed better care. She was taken to Kaithal civil hospital where doctors confirmed several head injuries. The main accused is a woman who was seen committing this horrendous crime through the CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood.

The baby is in a critical condition and needs better medical facilities but the doctors insist on keeping her for further observation as transit could prove fatal to her health. The police have registered a case against the unidentified woman.

It is such a tragedy that we are trying to gain so much every day but losing out on simply ‘being human’. This incident is a testament that animals are proving to be more humane than humans.

I wish to write about anything and everything that stirs in my mind. Through my words I wish the reader to feel the exact emotion and me acting as the perfect person to have put in the most appropriate words to exemplify their thoughts.

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