Crime On Women

Bank Manager Asks Farmer’s Wife For Sex To Grant Farm Loan

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The manager of a Central Bank of India branch in Maharashtra has been booked for asking sexual favours from the wife of a farmer seeking farm loan. The manager, Rajesh Hivase, asked for the wife’s number in order to process the loan and later called her demanding the favours. The woman recorded the conversation and filed a complaint against Hivase.

The woman had accompanied her husband to the bank where they had applied for a crop loan at Datala in the Malakapur Tehsil yesterday morning, they said.

Branch manager Rajesh Hivase sought the woman’s contact details for processing loan after which he called her up and allegedly used obscene language and demanded sexual favours, they said.

Later, Hivase sent a peon to the woman’s home, asking her to comply.

The peon allegedly told the woman that Hivase will pass the required farm loan and also extend benefits under a special package if she agreed.


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