Bigg Boss Fame Ajaz Khan arrested for uploading communally sensitive videos

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Another favourite kid of controversy finds himself in trouble yet again. Having gained popularity among the masses owing to his participation in BIGG BOSS season 7, Ajaz Khan remains in the news every now and then and usually for all the wrong reasons. The undeniably entertaining actor has roped in all the negative attention for sharing a Tik Tok video which has been categorized as communal in nature. According to India Today, the actor has been arrested under section ‘153 A’ of Indian Penal Code i.e ‘Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony’. He has further been booked under ‘Section 67’ of IT Act wherein publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form is punishable. The convict is liable to be punished with imprisonment extendable up to ‘3 years’ and fined for up to ‘5 lakh rupees’. Popular Tik Tok user Faisal Khan posted a video with a group of friends and commented on the lynching of ‘Tabrez Ansari’. The video has been considered as instigating in nature and capable of disrupting the harmony between the two major communities of India. Ajaz Khan showed his support for the same by posting videos with Hindi movie dialogues. One of them being ‘warrant laya kya’ . The choice of the dialogues has been received as a mockery on the police authorities under false pretext. Further adding to the trouble he shared a video message asking the authorities to take charge and blamed them of purposely staying inactive in these matters and supporting the culprits indirectly. A complaint has also been filed by the Mumbai Police against Faisal’s Team 07 as well. The Twitteratis are split on the issue. While many are bashing him for his choice of words, evident hatred and are supporting the arrest, the other lot is questioning the selective use of law and hinting at evident bias. Here are some twitter reactions from both the sides on the issue:

Amidst all this outrage, the recent activity from Ajaz Khan’s twitter account is probably an old picture of him working out.

What is your take on the whole matter? Kaise ‘ Badlega India’? Team Badlega India urges all its followers to contribute towards the betterment and harmony of this country as Peace needs time violence doesn’t.

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