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Canada to make special visa scheme permanent, Indians likely to benefit

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Canada is set to make Global Talent Stream programme a permanent scheme. It offers a quick route to work in the country. Under the scheme, processing of applicants filed by sponsoring employees takes just two weeks, and those hired under the GTS route will get work experience in Canada, which helps while applying for permanent residency under the Express Entry Programme. Indians are the largest group to be issued invites for permanent residency under this programme.

The GTS programme has two categories, category A requires that the sponsoring employer must be validated by a designated referral partner and in category B, the sponsoring employers must demonstrate that they are seeking to fill in occupations on the ‘Global Talent Occupation List’. The stipulated wage requirements must be met in both cases. Category requires an annual salary of 80,000 Canadian dollars for the first two applications, for subsequent applications, it is 1.50 Lakh Canadian dollars. Under Category, B salaries are largely based on prevailing wages.

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