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Chennai police arrested photographer for blackmailing Russian actress

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A photographer got arrested by Chennai police on the charges of blackmailing a Russian model turned actress. Photographer was reportedly blackmailing the lady by threatening to release her illicit pictures online. Based on the complaint, police arrested the accused on Tuesday.

Accused has been identified, said sources, he runs an advertising agency as well. He contacted the model for a shoot related to some advertisement. She accepted the proposal and the two planned to meet in a hotel. During the shoot, the accused clicked inappropriate pictures of himself on the pretext of helping her with a pose. He then made sexual advances towards her which she turned down. The matter escalated when the accused threatened her to upload her illicit pictures online, not only that, he continued harassing her over the phone owing to which she approached the police and registered the complaint. Based on her complaint, police brought the accused and booked him under the relevant sections of IPC and IT  Act. And later the court sent him in the police custody.

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