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Covid-19 Lockdown & It’s Impact: Things To Do In These Days

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COVID-19 or Corona Virus: these words have become deadly and threatening these days. People are scared and the whole world is locked down. It has now been extended till May 3, 2020, in most parts of India and the world. It started spreading in China first and gradually affected the whole world. It has infected lakhs of people and has taken many lives. This is continuing all over the world. Countries like Italy, Spain, and the USA have completely shattered as they have lakhs of Corona positive cases and people are losing their lives. In India, 9,289 cases have been reported out of which 332 have lost their lives, 1096 have been recovered and 7,861 are still suffering (numbers as on April 13, 2020). Maharashtra is reported to be the most affected state in India with a total of 1,982 cases (as on April 13, 2020).

It has affected the industries and businesses as they are temporarily shut. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is loved by people all over the world and is one of the most followed leagues in the world. But, it has been canceled for this year due to this Corona Virus. The Indian Government is taking all the required steps to ensure the safety of the people of India. They are taking necessary actions so that we are well-prepared to face the threat posed by this growing pandemic COVID-19/Corona Virus.

The people all over the world are locked inside their houses. Countries like India, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, the USA, etc are temporarily locked down to fight against this deadly disease.


A Lockdown is an emergency protocol that restricts people from leaving a particular area. A total lockdown means people must stay wherever they are and even entry and exit from a building is prohibited. A lockdown scenario usually allows the supply of essential items such as groceries, pharmacies while the Banks continue to serve the people.

Currently, India is under a complete lockdown situation. Travel restrictions have also been imposed. The rails, as well as the intercity bus services, have also been suspended throughout the country.

Each year, World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 to make the people aware of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. On April 7, 2020, this day was dedicated to the nurses, health workers and the midwives who are constantly fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic situation. Apart from these people, the Doctors, Army men, Policemen, Bankers, Media persons, etc are constantly working to serve the nation.

While these people are serving us at the frontline, we the citizens of India who are in quarantine can also contribute towards battling this crisis. We should adopt various healthy and hygienic practices to keep ourselves ‘Corona Free’. Let’s get to know some of the practices:


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For all of us sitting at home, means grabbing junk food and eating at odd timings, must be watchful of what we eat and must practice a diet which is high on nutrition and quite rich in protein.


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Working out: some people think that it’s all about sweating it out at the gym and running & jogging in the parks. But, we can work out while we are indoors. Little and basic exercises like push-ups, planks, squats, etc. can be easily practiced at home. One can also take the help of a YouTube video. In recent weeks, with the support of companies like The Marketing Heaven who have promoted them across social networks, some channels have burst onto the scene where you will surely find what suits you.


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With so much negativity around, it is essential to work on our mental health and not to be depressed about the current situation. Yoga, Meditation or my therapeutic activity like Cooking, Painting, Reading, etc have proved to one of the best ways to divert one’s mind from their stress.


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It is equally important to maintain that spark in your relationship. This is the time to create a stronger bond with your partner. Start spending more time and get to know each other. Cook together, watch movies of common taste, do other household works together. Even if you are physically far from each other, try to be mentally close enough. Do regular video calls and make your partner feel special.



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In these days of lockdown, excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol could be harmful. Dehydration is not good, but overdose is also not advisable.


While working professionals are working from home, the students are also attending online classes. But, it is equally important to take care of our physical as well as mental well-being.

Let’s have a look at few more things to do in this Lockdown:

  • Watch a Movie/Short film/Documentary
  • Write a blog/novel
  • Read books of your interest
  • Take up a fitness challenge
  • Cook new and different dishes
  • Learn a new language
  • Play board games
  • Deep clean your house
  • Help your mother/sister/wife in household chores
  • Workout at home
  • Learn first aid
  • Learn Knitting and Sewing
  • Discover more about your culture and tradition
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Try bird watching
  • Take up a short online course
  • Do Meditation
  • Learn art & craft
  • Improve your factual knowledge
  • Play online games with your distant friends
  • Plan a post-lockdown vacation

There are many more things one can do.

This COVID-19 Lockdown has drastically changed our day to day lives. But, it is leaving a positive impact on nature and mother Earth. With the travel halted and industries temporarily stopped/slowed, what does that mean from the Environment’s perspective? Mother Earth seems to have rejuvenated itself. Smog has gone away, skies are blue and the air is so clean these days. Recently, the Chintpoorni Mountains were visible from Punjab’s Jalandhar city. It was immensely beautiful and an eye-catching view. The mountains in white looked so beautiful that one cannot take the eyes off. This was a rare sight as the people have never experienced this so far. This happened due to a downfall in the temperature.

A few days back, the busiest Sector 18 of Noida, UP spotted an unexpected guest. A Nilgai was spotted walking on the roads with leisure. The Noida roads remain highly jam-packed, so the sight was a welcome change. Similarly, Kerala’s Kozhikode spotted a Malabar Civet on the road. The facts say that this animal is critically endangered.


There is a lot to take up from this Lockdown. It has instilled in us a sense of responsibility and made us realize that we, ‘The Humans’ are the real pests for nature. Now, let’s have a look at a few things we learned from this lockdown:

  1. The United States is no longer the world’s leading country.
  2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one was able to handle it.
  3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear.
  4. We can survive vacations without a trip to the USA and Europe.
  5. Rich people are less immune than the poor.
  6. Humans are opportunistic and despicable, no matter their socio-economic position even when the prices are rising.
  7. No Priests/Pujaris saved the patients.
  8. Humans are the real viruses on earth.
  9. We can spend lakhs of rupees on poor without red-tapism.
  10. Health professionals are worth more than a Footballer.
  11. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
  12. How animals feel in the zoo.
  13. The planet rejuvenates quickly without humans into play.
  14. The majority of people can work from home.
  15. We all can survive without junk food.
  16. Prisoners in jail for petty crimes can be released.
  17. Living a hygienic life is not that difficult.
  18. Only women are not supposed to know cooking.
  19. There are a lot of good people in the world.
  20. If you build more schools, you have to construct fewer hospitals.


All we can do these days is to maintain social distance and contribute in this battle against Corona. What do you think about this Lockdown?

Share your thoughts in the comment below. Till then, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!

A post-graduate in HR from the renowned Institute of Management Technology, she holds a 4 year experience in the same field. Being a passionate blogger/content writer too, she holds an expertise in writing on various subject matters.

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