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Delhi cop’s son arrested for thrashing girl in viral video, victim says she was raped

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Rohit Tomar, son of a Delhi policeman who was seen thrashing a girl in a widely-circulated video, has been arrested and rape charges have been levelled. The arrest comes after Home Minister Rajnath Singh ordered police to take action. The victim alleged Rohit made physical relations with her without consent and beat her when she threatened to file a complaint.


The video was recorded on September 2 around 3 pm inside a BPO located in Uttam Nagar area of Delhi. The BPO is owned by Rohit’s friend Ali Hasan. According to sources, the 21-year-old accused was unemployed and had recently started working at the BPO.

Rohit’s father, Ashok Singh Tomar is posted as an assistant sub-inspector ASI in the narcotics department of Delhi Police (Central Delhi).

The victim, in her latest statement, alleged that Rohit Tomar called her to his friend’s office located in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. She alleged that Rohit raped her. And when she spoke about filing a complaint, Rohit beat her up. A second FIR has been filed against Rohit Tomar for alleged rape in Uttam Nagar police station as well.

In her complaint against Rohit at Utta Nagar Police Station, the victim accused the boy of calling her to a BPO where he raped her. Later he beat her up when she said she would go to the police.

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