Delhi Govt To Give Rs 1 Cr To Families Of Soldiers, Cops Killed In Line Of Duty

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The Delhi government intends to pay Rs 1 crore in compensation to the families of members of the armed forces, the police and paramilitary units who die in the line of duty in the national capital or elsewhere in the country under a policy approved by the cabinet on Tuesday.

The scheme will cover personnel of the Delhi Fire Service, Home Guards and the district disaster management force as well. Families from another states whose kin die in the line of duty in Delhi will also be eligible for the compensation. The announcement was made by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.


Kejriwal said the scheme would be implemented immediately. “After the SC’s July 4 verdict, we will be sending just a copy of the cabinet decision to the LG. The scheme comes into effect from now and no concurrence of the LG is needed. In the past three years, no such family of martyrs has been given the compensation because the scheme was stopped by the LG. Only five to six people had benefitted from the scheme. At least 10 cases are pending before us at the moment.”


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