Dhaka Streets Flood with Bloody Water After Bakra Eid and Rains

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In Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, a very disturbing sight occurred after Eid, when the city streets got flooded with bloody water and the pictures so close to nightmare went viral on social media. On Tuesday Heavy downpour combined with animal slaughter on Bakr-Eid resulted in this horrifying scene. While rains continued to pour in the Bangladeshi capital city, people continued to offer their prayers and follow the rituals.

The waterlogging combined with bad drainage and animal slaughter at undesignated spots led to this fiasco. Dhaka Tribune reported, the city corporations designated 1,000 spots (496 in the north and 504 in the south) for slaughtering animals. People however did not adhere to these designated spots and slaughtered animals at places convenient to them. Dhaka citizens have criticised the city corporations claiming that they failed to keep the city’s drainage systems functional and they are at fault. Citizens have also complained about not being made aware of the designated spots for slaughtering animals in advance.


Here is tweet with more images

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