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To English-Obsessed Parents : Don’t Stop Your Children to Learn Their Mother Tongue

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In step with a listing prepared by UNESCO, there are forty languages in India which are imagined to be severely endangered and stand a hazard of turning into extinct. A lot of those languages are mom tongues of small groups and tribes.

At the same time as linguists war to report and keep them, there was a little attempt from the government to shield these languages.

The motives that these languages are becoming extinct is that mother and father don’t care about teaching their native languages to their children anymore. City parents aspire their youngsters to end up worldwide residents.

So we request the pro-English speaking parents of India not to stop their children from speaking in their mother tongues otherwise their originality will be lost! Time is to think and act on it.


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  1. Sightsavers supports inclusive education to ensure that children who are blind or visually impaired are included in mainstream education. This is crucial to lifting people out of poverty.

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