Crime On Women

Every Third Woman In India Suffers Sexual Or Physical Violence In Her Own Home

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Violence against women has been a part of a hot discussion in the political corridors over the past few years with no conclusive solution yet.

In a recent report of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4), broadcasted by the Union Ministry, it is clearly evident that pervasive domestic violence in India is a reality with every third woman facing it, starting since age as early as 15 years.

In another report released by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) in November 2017, shocking is the fact that in most cases women are further humiliated when seeking justice. Since their offenders are people they know and love, it becomes difficult for them to report against the perpetrators

Marital violence is significantly under-reported and victims are enforced to bear severe injuries and broken bones with shame and helplessness.

Sexual violence against married and unmarried women has been a dormant crime for years without consent in the name of love.

Anguish bore by victims within the confines of their own homes still seems in a hopeless state.


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