Female fan of Varun Dhawan threatens to kill his girlfriend

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A female fan of actor Varun Dhawan threatened to kill his girlfriend Natasha Dalal, after she was denied a meeting with the star.

According to the sources, there was a female fan, who was doing the rounds of his house for a long time, she was waiting for a couple of hours, Varun Dhawan came late and denied to meet her at the very moment, upon informed about the same, she started throwing tantrums, and saying thing things as she would hurt herself. When the security still didn’t get her through to the actor, she became uncontrollable and kept mumbling that she will harm Natasha, and even said that she will kill her. After she refused to leave even after 45 minutes, the security team then, called the local police station.

As soon as the actor was informed about the incident, he panicked, however, a complaint has been filed at Mumbai’s Santa Cruz police station. An FIR will be lodged only after Varun records his statement.

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