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Former ISIS Sex Slave Nadia Is Fighting Against Terrorists & Human Trafficking! Hats Off!

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Nadia Murad is a Yazidi woman who was forced to serve as a sex slave in Northern Iraq. Now she has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador on human trafficking for the United Nations.


A question might be arising in everyone’s mind that Who is Nadia Murad?

Nadia Murad was kidnapped by the ISIS militant group along with other 5000 Yazidi women from the villages in Mosul. The horrifying incident happened in 2014 when Nazia was just 19 years old. She narrates, how she was staying with her family in the village of Kocho in northern Iraq when the ISIS group covered the Yazidis. They killed 312 men in an hour and took young girls into slavery.

She further says,

“the terrorists asked captives to pray and then they raped us.”


The ISIS terrorists brutally murdered her family members in front of her eyes. Even her two young sisters were dragged into the slavery by the militants. Her mother was killed while Nadia, her two sisters along with other girls, were transported to the ISIS refuge.

She carries on with,

“We were not worth the value of animals. They raped girls in groups. They did what a mind could not imagine.”

She told the UN, the militants caught her while she was attempting to escape from the camp and as a form of punishment, she was beaten up and gang raped by six until she was completely unconscious. While describing the terrifying story she said, “Rape was used to destroy women and girls and to guarantee that these women could never lead a normal life again.”

Her bravery is worth an applause.

The 21 year old cleverly escaped slavery and was permitted shelter in Germany. One of the sisters was with her, while another sister along with two brothers is in a refugee camp in Iraq.

Nazia’s starting a new life altogether.

Nazia Murad has been appointed as the new Goodwill Ambassador on human trafficking of the UN. She will be working with Amal Clooney, who is a human rights lawyer. Clooney will represent her and other Yazidi women who experienced the same trauma by the ISIS at the International Criminal Court.


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