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How it feels like to be a victim of COVID 19? Complete Symptoms

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Coronavirus has now become the biggest enemy of the human race as it is spreading rapidly and has already
taken number of lives and forced billions of people across world in lockdown state for an indefinite period. The
need of the hour is to know its real symptoms and spread its awareness. It will help in reducing prevailing
chaos and curbing disease.
We analyzed 373 COVID-19 patients who strongly fought this lethal viral to get triumph over it and shared
their journey at various news media channels, newspapers, YouTube, Forums and social media sites such as
Facebook, Twitter. These survivors belonged to various parts of the world such as the US, Italy, Spain, Germany,
India and they shared their experience in English, Spanish, Italian and German. We used Artificial
Intelligence to do this analysis and found that few reported symptoms are not in list of known symptoms
of COVID-19. Here’s our analysis reveals –

• 1 out of 4 Coronavirus patients reported stomach related issues majorly nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.
Few patients even reported “loss of appetite”. If one experience the stomach issues and not
having the other COVID-19 known symptoms, then there is no need to panic as COVID-19 Patients reported that they got
these stomach symptoms along with cough, fever, and breathing difficulty.

• Around 10 percent of patients lost a Sense of Smell and Taste after getting infected from Coronavirus. Though,
this symptom is not common among COVID-19 patients but it is distinctive in nature as it is not a symptom of Common Cold, Fever or Flu, so if you are experiencing this along with other symptoms than chance is high that you have been infected from COVID 19.

• Around one-third of Coronavirus Patients reported severe fatigue along with breathing issues. Patients
reported “feeling exhausted”, “groggy”, “lacking energy”, “immobilized”, “trouble walking” “debilitated”,
“drenched” and “feeling very weak”. In a few cases, Patients felt so much fatigue that they fainted or lost

• Known list of COVID-19 Symptoms – High Fever along with coughing and breathing difficulty was reported as
the most common symptom by patients.
• Around 20 percent of COVID-19 patients reported sore throat or tickling in throat whereas this symptom was
more commonly reported (30%) in 60+ age patients.

• Large number of Coronavirus Patients reported Shivering along with High Fever. Patient-reported “felt
freezing”, “body shaking”, “trembling”.

• Around 15 percent of patients reported chest pain or tightness in chest whereas these symptoms were more
common (26%) in patients of 20-40 age group. Here are actual words of patients – “chest felt tight”, “chest
felt constricted”, “chest congestion”.

• Around half number of Coronavirus patients reported severe body ache or headache and few COVID-19
patients reported Sinus problems. Sinus problem is usually reported in normal viral or cold and it congests
the nasal passage and causes pressure near nose areas.

In this challenging time of global pandemic where there is already so much panic, the purpose of this article is not to
fuel this panic but to enhance the awareness of symptoms reported by real COVID-19 Patients. While the most
common symptoms are known ones which are High Fever along with coughing and breathing difficulty but if
someone experience these symptoms along with nausea or diarrhea or lost taste and smell senses or chest
tightness or severe exertion, then it can help in distinguishing Coronavirus from Common Cold or Flu or Fever. In case
of symptoms, we recommend not to panic and do self-quarantine and assess your symptoms by using the Government
recommended mobile app – ‘Arogya Setu’ and follow all Government guidelines.
Patients’ words in the form of Bubble Chart – (Bubble Size indicates the number of Patients and Bubble Color
indicates Category of Symptoms)


Note: Information shared by the author is completely based on the available facts and there can be more cases outside the information mention here, so please refer to the WHO website for the latest updates and facts.

He is an AI consultant, currently associated with Axtria, a Data Analytics Company Headquartered in New Jersey. He is an avid reader.

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