I Was Humiliated By Few People For Giving A Goodbye Hug To My Fiance In Public Place

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Hi , i am going to share one incident which recently happened with me and disturbed my mind badly.
So, It was late at night around 10:45 pm. ‘Oh my God, That’s too late in our society.’ {Delhi}
Society, yes, that part of the society that only judges a woman on the length of your dress and the time you come back home but no one knows that you are the same person who wakes up in the morning, does a respectful teaching job, changes people’s lives, works three jobs to pay off her bills. Being from an extremely middle class family, I live in a posh colony in a small rented house.
People who live here for a decade or more think they have bought the entire place at least they try to dominate my family, sometimes on the parking and sometimes on girls being out.
So, It was almost 11 at night and because I left gym around 10, My fiance and I went for a short drive, he parked his car to drop me back home and hugged me bye, I was about to get off the car, this mid-aged man comes and knocks at the windowpane loudly and says, “what the hell are you both doing?’ to which I exclaimed, ‘He is my fiance and he has come to drop me off.’ He asked my address which I completely refused to give. My father’s not been well lately, I didn’t want him to get stressed over something trivial, Little did I know the trivial will soon turn into a heated argument as he kept calling me names and accusing me of having a bad character, when my fiance tried to explain. He called other folks from the colony and all of them started doing exactly the same thing. No one even tried to know the truth, they used wrong terms against my respect and said harsh words like ‘aadhi raat ko aiyaashi karne aa jaati hai, ‘reserved type to nahi lagti’ ‘isko pehle yaha kabhi nahi dekha’ ‘nuisance create krne aayi hai bigdi hui ladki’ ; iska khandaan khatam kar dena chahiye hai’, ‘She is a nasty bitch.’, ‘she is such a slut’
Each sentence is still echoing in my ears.
I didn’t have any evidence to prove that I WAS NOT MAKING OUT !!
No one wanted to listen, they threatened to call the police to which I replied, “PLEASEEEE DO !!”
They understood I won’t be scared of anything, the man who initiated the brawl said, “You are like my little sister.”, I couldn’t understand his strategy  at that time as some of those educated hooligans (young, old and middle aged included) were banging the bonnet of the car, some of them were screaming in my ears, some of them tried to push my fiance and snatch his car keys. I didn’t leave my ground. I kept my ground and didn’t apologize.
They kept asking my address and kept saying, ‘I don’t belong to that colony’ Well I have an evidence that I live in the same colony.
The whole incident was more than I can explain in words as it has really left a mark on my dignity. The incident was not less than a nightmare, I come from a middle class yet a very dignified background.
No one has ever spoken to me like that.
Law didn’t strike my mind as that’s what it teaches us, . I have always fought for myself. I am the only child of my parents who have always taught me to speak the truth. Truth and nothing else.
What would you do if you were at my place?
Why such character assassination on the basis of people’s own dirty imagination?
I want to ask the same bunch of people, where the hell are you when a girl is being raped or eve teased. these are the same people involved in victim blaming and shaming, people who blame the girl for stepping out of their houses. The people in my locality have biggest houses and the narrowest minds ever.
I am a girl who is peace loving and if I were a liar, I would have never written this plea at first place.
My fight is not against that bunch of ignorant folks, my fight is against this mentality that refuses to grow.
This is a complete case of character assassination and harassment and I SEEK JUSTICE !
Please suggest !!
Thank you

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