Crime On Women

Husband stabs wife to death over an argument about Television Channel

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A 47 years old lady in Chennai lost her life when her own husband stabbed her with a kitchen knife over an argument about changing the TV channel, on Thursday. The couple is based in Ayothi Nagar near Triplicane.

Upon investigation, what police got to know was shocking enough to believe. Veeran (50), the guilty, narrated as to how things took place, he was watching old movie songs on television when Usha (47), the deceased, asked him to change the channel to which he refused, following which both got into a tussle to get the remote, the woman lost and started hurling abuses at her husband which angered him, and the fight started, and took a drastic turn, when the man pushed his wife, she hit the table and injured her leg, and slapped her husband in reaction. This angered the husband so much that he brought kitchen knife and threatened his wife to behave, otherwise he would do the worst, but the woman did not back off, and the situation got out of hands when husband actually in a fit of rage stabbed his wife in stomach, neck and chest. Neighbours came to their house upon hearing the noises and rushed the wounded lady to the Government Royapettah Hospital.

However, Veeran fled the scene but later got arrested by the Marina police.

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