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I broke every barrier and created my own destiny : Fascinating story of an Indian lady detective

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There is something about brave women who go out of their way to make their dreams come true. Even in the 21st century, a majority of women are unable to do so owing to situations. As a human being, we have dreams and desires but many of us are scared to achieve those. If you were looking for a motivational story to move forward headstrong on that arduous journey, here’s one for you.

A Facebook page ‘Humans of Bombay’ published the story of Bhavana, a private detective in India.

“I come from a village where even women wearing jeans and t-shirts weren’t accepted. But I refused to sit at home and forget my dreams. My family stopped me every step of the way, but I persisted and after my 12th, I went to Delhi University. 
My brother was an IAS officer and my uncle worked in the CBI in Delhi. Although I was studying journalism, I was drawn to the world of investigation. That’s when the idea of becoming a detective came into my mind.
But I realised that there would be many hurdles, especially my parents. So I graduated and took up a job at a newspaper — all the while knowing that this wasn’t my true calling”.

She shared the details of the onset of her journey and how she sneakily had to do it fearing the repercussions and taboo regarding the job. She had to go through a lot but she refused to give up.

“But one day, at work, I saw an ad for a private detective — both men and women could apply. Somehow that pushed me to take the leap, and I went ahead and applied for it. In a few days, I got selected — I couldn’t believe it! But I didn’t tell my parents.
I quit my job and worked for the detective agency. The moment I stepped in, was the moment that changed the course of the rest of my life.
My first case was to find a girl, who had been married off against her will. She ran away and had been missing for days. I went to meet her father, but he threatened us saying that we needed to stop this inquiry or we’d pay a price. They weren’t concerned about the whereabouts of their own daughter. Eventually, we realised that he was part of an intelligence bureau himself.
After that, I worked case after case. I’d face situations that’d put me in emotional turmoil, cases where I’d risk my life by being in contact with dangerous criminals. People have said things like, ‘Raat ko akele jaati hai, pata nahi kya karti hai.’ But I was so thankful that I was getting to help people — that nothing else mattered”.

Her job had its own setbacks and would oftentimes become mentally strenuous for her.  She eventually got the support of her parents after making it big.

I remember once I was assigned a case in Orissa — where a missing girl was a victim of human trafficking. When I got there, I realised that the girl’s brother was the local don, and the one keeping her there. He held a lot of power and had a place full of rifles. Somehow, we got him arrested by the local police and rescued the girl. 
That case became very popular — even an article, with my name on it came in the newspaper. That’s when my parents saw it and realised I was a private detective. They were so proud, they called all of their neighbours to see the article”.

After realising her own potentials, she finally decided to take another big leap and these lines are going to fill you with encouragement.

After spending a few years in that agency — I decided to use my savings and start my own organisation. Today, it’s been over 20 years since I’ve been in this field. It was one moment of courage that made me reach where I am today. With every case I solve, every win I have — I feel proud that I didn’t accept the fate that society handed to me. But broke every barrier, and created my own destiny. And I will continue to do so, one case at a time.”

So what’s your excuse ?

A Woman Defied All Odds To Become A Detective


A Woman Defied All Odds To Become A Detective

Image and story courtesy : Humans of Bombay




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