Imran Khan says give Nobel Peace Prize to this person not me…

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#NobelPeacePrizeForImranKhan had trended in Pakistan on twitter on March 1, responding to this hashtag tweeted that “The person worthy of this would be the one who solves the Kashmir dispute according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people and paves the way for peace and human development in the subcontinent. I am not worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.”

This came after Imran Khan’s minister Fawad Chaudry had submitted a resolution in Pakistan’s National Assembly that he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in reducing tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi. “The Pakistani Prime Minister played a sagacious role in reducing tension between Pakistan and India which was created due to the warmongering attitude of the Indian leadership, said the resolution.”

The hashtag started trending on twitter on March 1, same day on which, under international pressure, Pakistan handed over the IAF pilot, who was in their custody. More than 30,000 people had signed online petitions to seek Nobel Prize for Imran Khan till Sunday.

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