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Indian man in US raises over $800,000 funds for families of those martyred in Pulwama attack

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26 year old Viveik Patel who lives in Virginia, US, is from Gujarat’s Vadodara raised over $865,259 USD through Facebook’s ‘Fundraiser’ feature. He started the fundraiser on Feb 14 itself and initiated the process with a will to raise at least $500,000, which has already been achieved, in such a short span of time.

However, after the initiation of the fund raising process, people who donated or were willing to donate had queries regarding how the fund would be reaching those in need, to this, Mr. Patel clarified by posting certain updates on Facebook. His posts hinted on how he was contacting the Indian Embassy to hope to connect with the PMO in Delhi to complete the transfer.  He further said that he would only give the money to a government delegate to ensure fairness.

Indiatimes reported that Mr. Patel and his team had been in contact with the CRPF in order to securely transfer the donation collected so far. The effort has been praised at a large scale by people here in India and those residing in abroad as well. And also inspired over 22,000 NRIs to come forward to show their support and solidarity.

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