Just Pay Rs 100 and Escape From High Traffic Penalties on the Spot

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After the implementation of the Motor Vehicle (Amended) Act 2019, traffic police are coming down heavily on those who are violating the new rules. The fines have so far, gone as high as Rs 80,000, which has caused a sense of fear and dismay in the citizens. However, as per reports, these fines can be cancelled out with merely 100 rupees. Since people are not aware of this additional rule, the fines are causing them a lot of trouble.

According to a report, there is a condition added to the 100 rupee escape rule. For every crime related to not having insurance papers, drivers’ license, registration certificate or other necessary documents, you have 15-days time to present all your documents to the respective planning branch and get your challan cancelled for a sum of 100 rupees. However, after the challan being issued, you cannot then go get all the required documents made and get forgiven of the penalty.

This 15-day rule is applicable only if you have all the necessary papers but have left them at home or some other place. So, once you have proved all your official papers to the authorities, you can get your fine back, challan cancelled and just have to pay 100 rupees for the whole process.

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