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The way Kerala locals make way for an ambulance on a busy lane will win your heart

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A minute long video shows, locals on a crowded street, with coordination among themselves, made way for the Ambulance in Kerala. The street was full of festive crowds, dancing to loud music, but as they saw an Ambulance struggling to make its way, they all, with coordinated efforts made it possible for the vehicle to pass through the street, swiftly enough to reach on time.

In the age of instant delivery of food and parcels, we often lag behind in making way for the things which matter. This gesture of these people really restores our faith in humanity, and at the same time establishes a milestone for all of us to look up to.

People across the country are showering their praises and blessings to these concerned people, who despite being engrossed in the festivity, thought responsible enough to make it possible for the vehicle to reach the destination, and proved to be an empathetic individual and citizen.

Watch the video :


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