Lok Sabha TV appoints journalist who justifies 1984 and calls for genocide in Kashmir Valley

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Lok Sabha TV has made a much controversial appointment, where it has appointed a journalist named Jagriti Shukla, who got infamous for her hate mongering tweets. In some, she justified the massacre of Sikhs during 1984, while later, some tweets of her also suggested to carry out genocide in Kashmir in order to get rid of terrorists. Not only that, she passively justified the murder of renowned journalist Gauri Lankesh.

Appointment of a journalist who is prejudiced against a certain group of people by a government-run television channel is surprising, that too in the wake of elections. The nature of her tweets is such that her account has been suspended as it violates the twitter’s policy and rules.

The government must be held answerable for this appointment when already the person appointed has been tainted as someone biased against certain sections of society. As a journalist is someone who should represent the society and its issues keeping the personal biases and prejudices aside.


Here are her controversial tweets




Now here account has been suspended as it violates the twitter rules.




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