Mumbai couple get married on India’s 1st luxury cruise

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The couple, Prabir and Sayali Correa, got married in a Mumbai court on October 20, the day Angriya set to sail. Later, their marriage was solemnised by Captain Irwin Sequeira as per laws.

Captain Sequeira, who has more than 15 years of experience in sailing and has steered more than 60 ships in his career, told ANI that the Captain has a right to solemnise a marriage and later on submit evidence of a couple being married before the court. “Captain has right to solemnise marriage and later on give evidence in court that they are married on the sea. I feel happy that on India’s first cruise I got this chance,” he said.

Expressing happiness on being married on board the cruise liner, the bride, Sayali Correa, said: “It’s extremely unique. I am honoured to get married onboard in India’s first cruise. It was a dreamy moment for me. This was something I didn’t expect. For the very first time, I am sailing on the cruise.”

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