My grandmom watched my orgasm scene with a straight face: Kiara

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Kiara Advani, while speaking about her grandmother’s reaction while watching her orgasm scene in ‘Lust Stories’, said, “She was watching it with a straight face, like deadpan.” “She’s part British, so there were certain jokes that she didn’t get,” Kiara added.

She added that her parents were completely unfazed by the orgasm scene since she had already informed them. “They knew everything when I had said yes to the film. So, they were informed. I prepared them,” she said. But, her grandmother apparently did not get a few references since she is part British. “When my grandmother was watching it, she was watching it with a straight face, like deadpan,” Kiara revealed.

Kiara starred in Lust Stories alongside Vicky Kaushal and the short film was one of the most entertaining short films of the four stories.


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