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People Who Are Trolling Harbhajan Singh For Celebrating Karva Chauth , Here Is My Reply For You

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As we all know it was Karwa Chauth yesterday, the occasion when women fast for the long lives of their husbands.Just like most of the wives,Wife of Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh had a fast too and he shared her picture after fast came to end with caption “Happy karwa chaouth biwi ❤️❤️❤️[email protected]_Basra now khao ????piyo moaj karo I am sure badi bukh lagi hogi “.

And many people from all around the India and from different religions trolled him for this act.

Harbhajan Singh could not keep calm for longer and gave a strong reply to all those comments.

Now i want to tell all those trollers that who are you to tell him or any other person that her wife can celebrate Karva Chauth or not.
First thing we are Indians and this is an Indian festival and everyone has the right to celebrate any festival , its ok if you dont want to but you should not discourage anyone for doing so.
You people are the ones who divide Indians through religion , if on your religion’s festival any person from other religion will join you than what you will call him ? will he be betraying his own religion in that case ?

Btw Geeta Basra married to Sikh person not converted herself to Sikh so she have all the rights to celebrate her own festivals related to her own believing regardless of what her husband want or illiterate society will comment.

You might not like my article but let me tell you I Am Also A Sikh Person and if in future my wife would like to celebrate Karva Chaut or even Christmas i will join and support her and this will not prove that i am disrespecting my own religion or hurting my god.

So please dont try to divide us on the name of religion.

Have done Masters in Computers Applications and Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.My passion is to cover the untold stories of people and bring their voice to the masses.

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