Priyanka Gandhi Detained On Way To Visit Families Of 10 Shot Dead In UP

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Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was detained by the authorities at Narayanpur,Mirzapur enroute Sonbhadra to meet the victims of a land dispute which took place between ‘The Gram Pradhan’ and the villagers of Umbha on Wednesday. The armed clash resulted in 10 deaths and 24 casualties. 29 people have been arrested including the main accused ‘Yagya Dutt’ under the SC/ST act. Priyanka was taken in the SDM’s vehicle. Her incarceration was made basis violation of Section 144 of the IPC: Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon as told by Reportedly, Priyanka along with her supporters was conducting a protest to meet the families of the victims. Though she was granted permission to visit the injured in the hospital, she was denied the permission to meet the families.
The local authorities have not made any official arrest but told that they’re acting as per the orders given. The authorities are reasoning the detainment claiming the sensitive law and order situation in the area.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi via a tweet called the arrest illegal and an arbitrary use of power. According to him, this reflected the insecurity of the BJP Government. In a press briefing by AICC, the Communications Incharge Randeep Singh Surjewala condemned the UP Government for the unethical arrest, questioned the basis of detainment for a peaceful cause. He further blamed the Government for the crime occurrences in the state and addressed it as the Crime Capital of the country

The Congress is has launched an official statement to launch a nation wide protest against the arrest and atrocities of BJP on the common man.
Here is the official statement:

Without any official statement BJP on the other hand has stated the whole act as a measure to prevent any further escalation. The authorities requested Priyanka to shift to Benaras as the current guest house lacks basic amenities but she insists on waiting till an official approval is sent by the Yogi Government.
What is your take on this ? Is it the correct use of power or abuse of power ?

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