PUBG promises ‘healthy’ experience after demands of ban in India

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The online multiplayer game, PUBG’s India handle replied to the ongoing ban demands. The PUBG team said that it is ready to work with parents, educators and the government to make the game healthy and productive for the people by listening to the feedback they get.

The reply further said, “To foster a healthy and balanced in-game environment, we are developing numerous new features and enhancements which enables us to provide an environment for players to enjoy PUBG MOBILE in a rewarding and responsible manner. We are honored to have a passionate community of PUBG MOBILE players in India and globally and continue to welcome their feedback to make PUBG MOBILE the best game ever!”.

Though the game is damaging to the society according to people, on the other hand, the game revived the gaming industry in India as per as per KPMG, India. The gaming industry is set to hit Rs. 11,880 crore by 2023 while the Mobile Gaming industry will reach $943 million by 2023. Furthermore due to such games mobile manufacturers and putting out powerful devices in India which have more processing power.

PUBG faced a lot of criticism for promoting violent behavior in the past. An 18-year-old boy committed suicide after his parents refused to buy him a phone to play PUBG.

Gaming addiction is a mental health disorder as per the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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