What is RTI ? Information About Right To Information

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Replacing freedom of information, 2002 by Right to information Act, 2005 was a watershed movement in Indian governance.

What is RTI?

It is empowering in democrats to access information about functioning and forthcoming policies of government. Enactment of this act brought world’s largest democracy to new level. Clear trademarks of working democratic setup are transparency and accountancy and this act has strengthened these pillars. It helps in uprooting corruption and giving reigns in the hands of people as they keep a continuous check on government decisions and partnership. It overall promotes participatory development. People conducting social audits and public hearing have created new epoch in Indian democracy. People feel more inclusive and their trust and faith in government increases.

RTI is easy to file as it has been given digitalized platform. Mere fee ti file RTI has made it approachable to every citizen. Moreover it is free for those who cannot afford. It covers wide range of government authorities and all private companies which are funded by government and NGOs. Political parties also to answer for their deeds .Reply to RTI has to be immediate or within 30 days.      

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