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Sonali Shares Her Fight With Cancer, Says It Was All Over Her Abdomen

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Ever since the actress Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with cancer and started her treatment in US, she has been staying strong and dealing with every issue with her best spirit. Now that she has won this battle with the deadly disease, she is slowly coming back to the world of glamour.


While talking about her journey throughout, she said that she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and it was only when they arrived in New York City, doctors told them about it. The cancer was all over in her abdomen and the doctors told that there are only 30% chances of her survival. But she says she never thought she will lose this battle, she knew it is a long journey but was determined to fight. Further her family always supported her and gave her all the hope which she needed in the process. That is how she is back with all her might.

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