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Tribute to Manohar Parrikar

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Deeply grieved by the sudden loss of Mr. Manohar Parrikar, former union Defence Minister and four time Chief Minister of Goa, this is a tribute to the dynamic personality by the team Badlega India.

Mr. Parrikar have been suffering from Pancreatic Cancer since one year, and despite the fact he had presented two budgets, that itself shows his dedication. He was a soft spoken and a simple man, one of a few politicians who maintained his simplicity while in power. He joined RSS as a teenager. He made his way into the politics as BJP rose to power in Goa. He was known for being extremely calm and composed. In fact he played a key role in 2016 surgical strike which shook the nation, he offered more humane approach to the strike, by considering the requirements of the soldiers. You could take him out of Goa but not Goa out of him.

What was most remarkable about his rule was the inherent Goan identity which he retained despite the narrow Hindutva influence in the region. He was truly a common man, and we need more leaders like him. Rest in peace sir.

I am a student of Philosophy in quest to unravel the world and life. Currently doing my Masters and Diploma in Japanese language,and looking forward to imbibe the culture and knowledge that is in the store in each of the disciplines.

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