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Tripura Boy Writes Board Exams With His Feet, Proving Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

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Pralay Dey, a 17-year-old from Tripura, wrote his board exams with his feet. Pralay’s hands are not formed properly owing to which he was unable to hold things.

He says, “I feel no shortcoming. My mother and my teachers have taught me well. I am trying to give my best. I practice writing with my feet at least two hours a day. I am comfortable writing with my feet”. Pralay’s school’s headmaster, Badal Chakraboraty praises his bright pupil, he says that Pralay has a tremendous pace of writing and intellect, and can overcome every challenge with his courage and dedication. But this would have not been possible without his family’s and teachers’ support. Mr Chakraboraty arranged a wooden platform for him to sit and write on, as Pralay was not able to write on benches.

Pralay wants to study Humanities and become a professor of English Language and Literature one day. Even the state board (Tripura Board of Secondary Education) knows about him and do not step back while praising his exceptional abilities. Pralay’s father is a daily labourer and his mother is an Anganwadi Helper, though they do not manage to earn well, but that poses no problem between Pralay and his dreams. His mother played an important role in teaching him and helping him grow with dignity, making him capable of achieving his dreams.

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