Virat Kohli abuses Match referee after match,says don’t care about code of conduct

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Virat Kohli, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s skipper, got angered by the alleged ignorance of on-field umpire S Ravi, where he failed to notice a no ball by Lasith Malinga, following which RCB lost the match by six runs. A no ball would not only have given RCB one extra run but also a free hit and a chance to win the game.

Minutes after the presentation ceremony, Kohli went into the match referee Manu Nayar’s room and reportedly, hurled abuses at him, over the poor standards of supervising. He even said that he is not a bit bothered if he gets penalised for violating the code of conduct, as suggested by a TOI report.

Kohli expressed his disappointment during the post-match conference as well where he said that we are playing IPL, not club cricket, umpires should have their eyes open, they should have been sharper and careful.

Mumbai Indians’ skipper Rohit Sharma also backed Kohli and said that such mistakes should not happen.

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