‘Want war? Go to the front’: Wife of IAF Pilot killed in Budgam crash

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Everyone has lately been so much active on social media giving suggestions over waging a war against Pakistan, to all those off-screen warriors, there is a message from one person who can better understand what it feels like to lose a beloved to war situations. The person being talked about here is none other than the wife of one of the martyred IAF Pilot Ninad Mandavgane, a pilot of MI-17 V5 helicopter. He died as the chopper crashed in Jammu and Kashmir, along with six airmen.

“We do not want a war. You do not know the damages of war. We do not want more Ninads to go. Social Media warriors please stop. If you want war, go to the front”, Vijeta Mandavgane, wife of Ninad Mndavgane said.

Vijeta further added that if someone really wants to bring a change then instead of shouting the slogans, join the forces, and if you cannot do that, try to do small things for the nation, which one already have in one’s hands, like keeping nation clean, not to harass women, restraining oneself from urinating in public, etc.

The sheer condemnation of warmongering comments and posts which social media is flooded with needs to be applauded and acknowledged. These so called ‘nationalists’ and ‘warriors’ who are voicing their pro-war opinions need to understand that war will only escalate the tensions rather than to reduce them, and we as rational and responsible citizens need to show some patience and solidarity rather than to whip up the sentiments over the India-Pakistan tensions.


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