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What happens to the EVMs after the last vote is cast?

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After the last voter casts his/her vote, the presiding officer presses the ‘close’ button, following which EVMs don’t accept votes. The officer prepares an account of recorded votes which he shares with polling agents, following which EVMs are sealed and signed by agents. The central paramilitary forces take EVMs to strongrooms which are also sealed by EC and polling agents.

These strongrooms with power backup and CCTV cameras are guarded round-the-clock. The polling agents can go up to the strongroom during the transportation of EVMs.

The candidates or their representatives can also put their own seals on the strongroom doors. The poll body also allows representatives to camp in front of the strongrooms.

*The EVMs are taken from the strongrooms to the counting centres again under heavy security on the scheduled day of counting, which is on Thursday this year. Unique IDs of the seals and control units of the EVMs are shown to candidates’ representatives before the counting process starts.

After the counting is concluded, the EVMs are again kept in the strongrooms for almost 45 days to settle the issues related to the machines and votes if there are any.


Nearly four million EVMs were used in the Lok Sabha election this year as millions of voters cast their ballot during the five-week long process.




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