Woman beaten up, paraded over inter-caste affair

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The video of the incident showing the woman being hit with sticks in broad daylight has gone viral on social media.

The video showed the woman being made to walk down a village road and beaten with sticks while she screamed and begged for mercy. Passers-by were seen ignoring her ordeal and moving on.

Jobat Sub Divisional Officer of Police R C Bhakar said the police started an investigation after the video came out. The incident took place at Temachi village, but nobody had filed any complaint so far, the police officer said.

The victim and her father were not in the village so their statements could not be recorded, he said.


Another police officer said the woman belongs to the Bhilala community and she was reportedly in love with a man from the Bheel community. This angered her family and community members, who sought to `punish’ her by parading and thrashing her, he said.


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